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Will replace with text about the dog park once information is received.
Thank you, Will Carlin & Nancy Boardman!     Back in 2005, it was Nancy that longed for a space for her dogs to run free and play.  She thought a dog park would be a wonderful addition, not only to the park, but to dogs and their humans both local and visiting.  Sadly, her inquiries went nowhere - all the park spaces were designated for school sports and activities.      Lucky for all of us, Nancy expressed her ideas and thoughts to Will who did not take no for an answer!  He went out there and didn’t stop untill he made it happen!  Two years later, they had their dog park.     So now what?  Using her journalism and public relations background, Nancy put the word out - WE HAVE A DOG PARK!  She thanked all those that generously gave money, in-kind donations and their time to help make the park a reality.     Today, the dog park is a respite for dogs and their humans alike.  Thanks to Nancy, Will and all those that have contributed in one way or another over the years, we are able to bring our dogs to a safe place.  A place to meet up and greet their friends…a place where we can go to smile, laugh and give back to our wonderful dogs that give so much to us.